Repinned specializes in the centuries old skilled trade and art form of professional custom upholstery and is located in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa.  Our Artisans work one-on-one with clients to Redesign pieces you already own or find previously loved and transform them into your dream furniture. We offer a wide variety of services which include design, custom upholstery, refinishing, repair, restoration, modification and custom builds. 

Our owner and Creative Mastermind, Riana LeJeune, is internationally know and respected in the Luxury Upholstery industry and is currently one of the select few Iowa members of the National Upholstery Association. Riana gives back to the industry by guest lecturing at Iowa State University's Interior Design College annually. She is also growing Repinned by passing on her knowledge and expertise through Apprenticeships.


Every piece we work on has a story and a history. We love hearing why these pieces are so special to our clients or why they will be in the future. Repinned is unique in the fact that we can offer complete redesign in one location. Older furniture has great character and great bones. So with the right finish and or fabric it can last for years longer. Repinned saves hundreds of pieces of furniture from local landfills. 

Repinned creates custom pieces with an emphasis on quality and longevity. We are creating today's functional art and tomorrows heirlooms.


Our process begins with simply reaching out to us with a picture or two of the piece we would be working on and a brief description of your vision for it. Then we work with you to select your custom colors, fabric and design. We can't Wait to hear from you.