Let's Talk Upholstery!

 Thank You for following Repinned and supporting the centuries old skilled trade and art form of professional custom upholstery!


I would be happy to do a custom quote for you. I like to start by having our potential clients fill out this simple questionnaire to learn more about your project.


Please click the link provided below. This helps keep your information organized to better meet your needs. 



Please submit pictures of your piece from multiple angles to repinned515@gmail.com


For Fabrics, we carry thousands of fabulous high quality designer upholstery fabrics to choose from.


We price labor/Additional materials and fabric separately. This is because fabric prices vary greatly. 


We do not work with outside fabrics because we can not guarantee its Performance and durability for upholstery. Fabric must be purchased through Repinned.


I would be happy to schedule a time for you to see and feel fabric in person at our shop!


I typically schedule one-on-one fabric consultations M-F in the afternoon and have some Saturday Availability.

This consultation gives our clients to opportunity to meet me, the Artisan that will be working on your custom project as well as to learn more about the  luxury industry of custom upholstery and quality of fabrics utilized.


The consultation usually lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and at the end you will select 5 swatches to be sent to your home. That way you can see them in your home and know for sure it will work for you before ordering. 


Its a common misconception that reupholstering is a less expensive alternative to buying new.  However,  Custom Upholstery is comparable to if not more than buying new because the materials are higher quality than mass manufactured furniture and last far longer. 


I tell my clients that if you love the shape and it is solid wood construction, than it is worth investing in. In the end, you will have something no one else has.  A true piece of functional art in your home!


I look forward to hearing more about your project and creating something custom just for you!

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